Nedvang stands for “Nederland Van Afval Naar Grondstof” which can be translated as The Netherlands from waste to resource. This reflects the mission of Nedvang: realizing maximum collection and recycling of packaging waste at the lowest possible cost for society.

Nedvang is, on behalf of producers and importers of packed products, the partner for municipalities and waste management companies that collect and/or recycle packaging waste. Nedvang closely monitors and reports on the recycling of packaging waste from both households and companies/industry. Furthermore, Nedvang monitors that the money that producers and importers of packed products pays to municipalities and waste management companies enables the effective and efficient collection and recycling of packaging waste. At the same time, Nedvang provides Dutch municipalities feedback about their collection results and efficiency, in order to increase their performance. Finally, Nedvang informs especially municipalities and citizens about separate collection and recycling of packaging waste.


Stichting Afvalfonds Verpakkingen (StAV) has contacts with producers/importers to finance EPR for packaging and to register the weight of packaging that is put on the market. StAV intensively controls the registration of their customers in order and identifies free riders to guarantee data quality. Customers are producers/importers that put 50 tons packaging per year or more on the market. For smaller companies, StAV organizes additional research to investigate the total weight of packaging on the market.

For other activities in the field of EPR for packaging, StAV has signed service level agreements with the following organizations: 

  • Nedvang: reporting on the achievement of recycling targets of packaging waste, cooperation and contract management with municipalities and waste management companies, recommending the StAV on the remuneration to municipalities, stimulation of separate collection and recycling of packaging waste (e.g. with communication or education) and the management of protocols to monitor and report on collection and recycling.
  • Kunststof Hergebruik: stimulation of the collection of plastic packaging waste (e.g. with communication), and the logistics, sorting and sale of plastic packaging waste after collection.
  • Nederland Schoon: providing a structural contribution to a clean and litter free environment (e.g. research, campaigns, clean-up days, elections of cleanest areas/cities).

To ascertain that information on packaging and packaging waste is neutral and correct, the “Kennisinstituut Duurzaam Verpakken (KIDV, Knowledge Institute for Sustainable Packaging) was founded in 2012. The KIDV is governed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, producers/importers and the association of municipalities (VNG). Its goal is to function as an independent organization that gathers and shares neutral information on packaging and packaging waste. The KIDV focuses on reduction, reuse, renewal and recycling of packaging and packaging waste.

Communication Activities

Education and communication are key elements in stimulating citizens to separately collect their packaging waste in order to have it recycled. Nedvang provides municipalities with information for their own communication, but also organizes various communication activities, ranging from indications what packaging waste has to be sorted to national publicity campaigns.

Typical forms of communication to support separate collection and recycling are 

  • Recycling newspapers
  • Advertisements
  • Commercials
  • Factsheets and other messages to municipalities
  • Education materials for primary schools
  • Online games
  • TV shows (especially for children)

Besides, education is crucial to Nedvang. Together with organizations aimed at the recycling of the separate materials, Nedvang develops education packages for elementary schools and their children.



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