The Grand-Ducal Regulation of October 31, 1998 which came into force on January 1, 1999 has as goal to prevent, reduce, reuse and recycle packaging.

The people responsible for packaging are obliged to take back and recycle their packaging. However, they can transfer their responsibility to an officially approved company like VALORLUX.

The tasks of Valorlux are the promotion, coordination and financial support of the separate collection, the sorting and the recycling of household packaging waste in the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg.

Legal basis

Legislation on packaging waste is increasingly strict and binding be it at a European or at a national level.

The amended grand-ducal Regulation of October 31st 1998 transposes into national law the European Directive 94/62/EC on Packaging and Packaging Waste as well as its March 2005 revision.

The regulation established several obligations the Party Responsible for Packaging has to abide by:

  • collection of packaging for recycling and/or recovery purpose in order to reach the recycling and recovery rates defined by the amended Grand-Duchy Regulation;
  • Information of the consumers about the measures taken to reduce packaging waste and what has become of the collected packaging. Yearly report to the Administration in charge of the environment; 
  • Prevention actions in relation with packaging

The legal recycling/recovering rates are:


60 %


60 %


50 %


22,5 %


15 %

Total recovery

65 %


The Party Responsible for Packaging may fulfill his obligation personally or ask a registered body to do it for him: VALORLUX a.s.b.l. for instance.

In the name of its members, VALORLUX aims at reaching the recycling and recovery rates and the information and prevention targets imposed by the legislator.

Fact and figures

Data 2012



No. of local authorities

106 municipalities
105 municipalities with VALORLUX blue bag collections
116 municipalities benefit from financial support

No. of companies in system

1,076 membres

Packaging introduced to the market

53,175 tons of declared  household packaging
10,281 tons of declared commercial packaging

Recovered waste

46,739 tons packaging waste
73.48% overall recovery
72.08% recycled

Types of packaging

Household and commercial


In 2012, VALORLUX collected 90.56kg of packaging per inhabitant including 14.17 of PMC (Plastic bottles and containers, metal packaging, beverage cartons collected by blue bags), 59.69 kg was collected by the municipalities and 16.70 kg was commercial packaging.

Packaging organisation/s in Luxembourg: