Legal basis

Redesigned Packaging Act No. 119/2010 Coll. became effective as of May 1, 2010. Among other things the definition of obliged industry has been amended in the Act. Based on the Packaging Act, an obliged person is obliged to meet its regulatory duties under the Packaging Act, mainly to ensure packaging waste collection, recovery and recycling at least in the extent of the binding recovery and recycling limits. The packaging Act enables any obliged person to meet its duties via a so-called authorized organization.

  • Packaging Waste Law, May 2010
    • The Slovak government is preparing the new Packaging Act, which would become effective from summer 2014.
  • Definite targets to 2020 - recover and recycle 50 % household waste
  • Definite responsibility lies with obliged industry – entrepreneur and a legal entity who packs or fills its products in packaging, introduces packed products into market, introduces packages into market with the exception of packaging producers and importers, who supply empty unused packages to obliged industry.

Fact and figures

Data 2012

In the Slovakia, there is 12 authorized companies, so it is very competitive market. Instead of sensitive current numbers, you can see some general figures.


5.43 mil.

No. of local authorities

1,638 municipalities in system
3.1 mil. inhabitants covered by ENVI-PAK

ENVI-PAK market share

around 50%

ENVI-PAK total spending on recovery of waste and packaging waste

nearly 14 mil. euros/10 years

ENVI-PAK recovered waste

about 1.2 mil. tons of waste/10 years

Types of packaging

Household, commercial and industrial packaging waste.

Packaging organisation/s in Slovakia: