Position papers

EXPRA feedback to the surveys on IA of the PPWD review by Eunomia f
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EXPRA CITEO ARA_contribution to SUP IA on separate collection of SUP bottles
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EXPRA Feedback on EU Public Consultation on Empowering Consumers for the Green Transition
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Joint Declaration on EPR Guidance (003)
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EXPRA’s reaction to Eunomia’s Assessment of options to reinforce the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive
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EXPRA’s comments on Eunomia’s recommendations regarding EPR costs
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EXPRA reaction - Guidance for EPR Schemes fee modulation October 2019
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EXPRA reaction on the Eunomia COWI study on the Effectiveness of the Essential Requirements For Packaging and Packaging Waste
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9/2019 EXPRA position paper on Essential Requirements
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11/2018 EXPRA position on measuring recycling
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9/2019 EXPRA Position Paper: Towards a common approach to modulated fees
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02/2016 EXPRA's preliminary views on the new CEP
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10/2015 EXPRA position paper on littering
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04/2015 EXPRA position paper on labelling
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03/2015 EXPRA’s position on a new Circular Economy Proposal
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11/2014 EXPRA’s position on the Circular Economy Package and the Waste Target Review
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10/2014 Feasibility study of future recycling targets
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06/2014 EXPRA position paper Waste Target Review and the revision of related waste directions
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03/2014 EXPRA takes part in Public Consultation on Certification of Waste Treatment Facilities
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02/2014 EXPRA Position Paper on the European Commission’s Plastic Bag Proposal
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02/2014 EXPRA Response Paper on the Revision of the WFD
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02/2014 Position Paper clarifying the role of different stakeholders in EPR
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12/2013 Guidance on EPR - consultation document
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12/2013 Best practices for successful EPR for packaging
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09/2013 Rewiev of the EU Waste management targets
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07/2013 Green Paper on Plastic
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