Eco-Rom Ambalaje


Eco - Rom Ambalaje is an organization established by the industry, acting as an interface in fulfilling a public interest mission: environmental protection by observing the commitments to reach packaging waste recovery and recycling objectives. By the contract taking over responsibility, Eco-Rom Ambalaje fulfils the objectives related to the recovery and recycling of the package materials introduced on the market by the companies manufacturing or importing packaged products. It was established in order to develop an Integrated Management System (SIG) to implement the specific legislation. At the begging of 2013 Eco-Rom Ambalaje had already more than 2.526 member companies.

The mission of Eco-Rom Ambalaje is to successfully achieve the recycling and recovery objectives for its clients, to increase awareness of the importance of separate collection of waste packaging among the population, to implement and develop a system of separate collection of waste packaging that concern both economic agents and population, to contribute to the Romanian waste market by facilitating a mix of effective solutions, to moderate dialogues between its clients thus as to enable the development of related activities.

The vision is to implement a nationwide system of separate collection in continuous development, to be an engine for sustainable development of waste packaging recycling market in Romania, to guarantee for its customers freedom of choice for the best solutions by safe fulfilling of the current and future targets for recycling packaging.


In anticipation of the Articles of Incorporation and at the initiative of a group of companies active on the domestic market laid the foundations of Eco-Rom Ambalaje, and took the initiative of implementing in Romania the "Green Dot" system. SC Eco-Rom Ambalaje SA was set up on the 27th of October 2003. There were established the decision-making bodies consist of ShareholdersMeeting, an Executive Committee and the auditing made by KPMG. The share capital of the Company is divided into registered shares, each shareholder is having equal number of shares.

Eco-Rom Ambalaje currently employees are nearly 40 people.

Communication Activities


Eco-Rom Ambalaje plays a crucial role in aware the population, companies and public sector on the significant role of separate collection of packaging waste. Since the extension of services dedicated to population increased rapidly up to 450 administrative units in 2013, meaning access to 45% of Romanian population, the campaigns encourage people responsibility on waste packaging generated in households are a priority. National campaigns or local ones, targeted comunication to various people and communities are developed each year using a variety of channels including a web site dedicated

Projects design to various important partners and actors in the field of waste management are organized in order raise awareness and built partnerships for coherent and efficient system at national level. An example is the program City of Recycling which aims to involve local authority in raise the performance services for local waste collection and fulfill the ambitious new requirements recycling Waste Framework Directive.

Educational programs

Programs addressed to primary school were created in order to arouse the interest and creativity of young participating in a different kind of educational experience than usual. Green Recycling Laboratory and ECOlimpiada, the latest programs, reached more than 30,000 students only in 2012 by giving them each a solid information base and challenging them to get involved and to prove that they acquired information about recycling. Green Recycling Laboratory was awarded with Golden Award for Excellence by European CSR Awards in 2013.



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