• ECOEMBALAJES ESPAÑA, S.A. (ECOEMBES) was founded by Spanish industry and trade in order to develop an Integrated Management System (SIG) to implement this legislation, and already boasts more than 12,051 member companies, having signed agreements with 107 local and regional authorities.

The purpose of Ecoembes is to run, in collaboration with local and regional governments, system for selective collection of household lightweight and paper-cardboard packaging waste for subsequent treatment and recovery in order to fulfill the legal recovery and recycling targets in the most environmental and economical efficient way. Besides, Ecoembes provides its licensed companies with technical support in prevention and R&D in order to minimize the impact of packaging waste and make better use for materials.


In anticipation of the Act and at the initiative of 57 companies and business associations, Ecoembalajes España, S.A. (Ecoembes) was set up on the 22nd of November, 1996, although it started operating in 1998. Fillers, packers, retailers and distributors, raw material and packaging manufacturers, and also recyclers are represented in the company. Ecoembes’ decision-making bodies consist of ShareholdersMeeting, Board of Directors made up of 55 representatives, an Executive Committee, Auditing Committee, Management Committee and Technical Materials Commissions.

The stakeholders are made up of 55% Packagers/Fillers, 20% Retail and Distribution, 20% Raw Materials and packaging manufacturers, and 5% Recyclers.

Ecoembes currently employees nearly 100 people.

Communication Activities

Ecoembes is going to develop a number of activities in order to encourage the social conscience about packaging of waste:

  • Ecoembes has realized more of 300 awareness communication campaigns for the different Regions and Local authorities to have a wide and complete method of communication to make their citizens aware of the selective withdrawal and the recycling of packaging. The “Impropios” campaign aims to drive the reduction of improper materials deposited erroneously in a yellow container with the intention of increasing the quality of the selective withdrawal and to make possible a global improvement of the recycling of packaging.
  • Environmental Education Activities in the Schools. Every year we meet with up to 700,000 children with the principal aim to teach them to respect their environment and encourage them to do the right thing in order to move our society towards working to a more sustainable planet.
  • Ecoembes is also aware that it is necessary to take actions in order to make our citizens conscious about the importance of recycling packaging by means of the diffusion of information across the different channels of communication, including the blogs, social networks, Ecoembes's web site and institutional relation with the mass media. As an example we emphasize the I Edition R Prizes, an initiative to reward the effort of companies, mass media, investigators, administration and citizens in general in favour of recycling and sustainability initiatives.


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