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ECOPACK is the first licensed recovery organization in Bulgaria by the Ministry of Environment and Waters in January 2004, established by the industry - 18 leading local and multinational companies. It is a legal entity registered under the Commerce Act and Waste Management Act, which does not distribute profit and is responsible for separate collection, recycling and recovery of packaging waste on behalf of its member companies. Since its establishment, ECOPACK is a market leader. ECOPACK Bulgaria is certified for BDS EN ISO 9001:2008 Reg. № TRBA 100 0607 and BDS EN ISO 14001:2005 Reg. № TRBA 110 0070.


The revenue (fees) from our clients and from selling the materials to recyclers is invested in the development and operation of separate collection systems in the municipalities. The systems include: containers, sorting facilities and transport equipment. ECOPACK Bulgaria develops the three colored containers system: blue for paper and cardboard, yellow - for plastic and cans, and green - for glass packaging. ECOPACK Bulgaria works with sub-contractors - some companies are engaged in picking up and transporting the packaging waste from the containers, others are responsible for the separation of recyclable packaging waste. Then the sorted recyclable packaging waste is sold to recyclers as a raw material for use in production. The channels for collection of packaging waste are: separate collection from household, administrative and other buildings, Industrial/commercial and collectors.

The municipalities do not have any financial relations with the Recovery Organization. Their only obligation is to define the locations of the three containers, to implement control over the population on the separate collection of waste and to support the information and education campaigns for promotion of separate collection of packaging waste.

Communication activities

Since its establishment, ECOPACK Bulgaria is organizing different information and communication activities targeted at the public, the clients and the partner municipalities. The used channels are TV, radio, on-line and social media.

ECOPACK is a partner in major nation TV green initiatives like the "Let's do it" campaign. We also work with the municipalities via regional media. An e-newsletter is issued every quarter and a printed edition – twice per year.

Our special focus is on the kids. ECOPACK Bulgaria has developed two national campaigns, especially for this target group, implemented in the period 2011-2013. These are: Organization of eco class in over 400 schools (produced and sent training materials: 680 sets of posters, 400 manuals for teachers and 70 000 books) and the visit of the 3 D Green Eco bus (visited 66 municipalities, 430 schools, 73 000 kids).

ECOPACK organizes or supports numerous Green outdoor activities, targeted both at the public and clients. For the clients are also organized seminars and conferences on waste management, recent legal changes, etc.


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