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Integrated Recovery System EKO-KOM was created by industry to handle recovery of both household and business-to-business packaging. While collection of industrial packaging is organized mainly through business channels, household packaging is collected and recovered as an integrated part of municipal waste. To ensure this system, EKO-KOM is co-operating on contractual basis with more than 6,000 municipalities.


The EKO-KOM System provides collection and recovery of packaging waste mainly through municipal schemes of separate collection. This solution is based on legal framework given by the czech packaging and waste law:

  • Producers, importers, fillers, and distributors of packaging and packaged products shall ensure collection and recovery of packaging waste. They co-finance costs of municipal separate collection of waste through the EKO-KOM System.
  • Based on the Waste Act, the municipalities shall separate and recover waste. Part of sorted components of municipal waste is also consumer packaging, which should be recovered.

EKO-KOM company is obliged to offer the same terms of service to any economic operator interested to participate in compliance scheme and same time to offer the same terms of support to any municipality interested to participate in packaging collection and recovery system.


Scheme of EKO-KOM system

Communication Activities

EKO-KOM uses a wide range of communication activities towards clients, municipalities and public.  Communication takes place through the national media and advertising, online, local and regional informations and school program.

On national level EKO-KOM uses for communication with consumers TV spots, newspapers and online space. Especially online space has huge success lately, our websites about sorting and recycling are frequently visited, our facebook page has 50,000 fans.

EKO-KOM educates children through the school program, which was founded in 1998. Since then, the program undergone almost 2 million children. EKO-KOM also educates the municipalities representatives, teachers and has seminars for its clients.

There are plenty of outdoor activities that promote the importance of sorting and recycling. For example through the project “Clean festival”, where are at the 20 biggest music festivals possibilities to sort the waste and get more information about this theme.

Local communication activities

  • We distributed sets of special bags for sorting in selected areas in almost each region
  • Special stickers on public transport
  • Labels on containers with mixed waste
    "Thank you" stickers on containers of sorted waste
  • Brochures about the disposal of household waste in households
  • Posters and leaflets on local message boards for sorting support
  • PR articles in the regional media
  • Promotional spots and reportage in the regional media

Websites linked to our campaigns are made for different types of consumers:

www.jaktridit.cz – website about sorting and recycling

www.samosebou.cz – entertainment recycling website which attracts the theme sorting and recycling through the music a movies

www.tonda-obal.cz – website for children and teachers

www.branarecyklace.cz – website about our challenge exposition made from recycle materials and including the only recycled exhibits.


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