Redesigned Packaging Act No. 119/2010 Coll. became effective as of May 1, 2010. Among other things the definition of obliged industry has been amended in the Act. Based on the Packaging Act, an obliged person is obliged to meet its regulatory duties under the Packaging Act, mainly to ensure packaging waste collection, recovery and recycling at least in the extent of the binding recovery and recycling limits. The packaging Act enables any obliged person to meet its duties via a so-called authorized organization.


Authorized Organization ENVI-PAK was founded in May 2003. It became the first authorized organization under Art. 8 Par. 2 of the Packaging Act. ENVI-PAK was registered in the Register of Obliged Personsindustry and Authorized Organizations of the Slovak Ministry for the Environment under the sequence number OO_0000001 in August 2004. This year ENVI-PAK is celebrating 10 years being on the market.

ENVI-PAK’s management comprises strong and unique companies (multinationals as Coca Cola, Unilever, Nestle, Modules, Pepsi, Tetrapak, Henkel, Procter & Gamble) with international experience and know-how also in the field of compliance with the EU Directive 94/62/EC. ENVI-PAK has developed a coordinated collection, recovery and recycling system of municipal and industrial packaging waste with cooperation of all stakeholders involved in the packaging waste material flow in Slovakia pursuant to Art. 7, Par. 1 of the Packaging Act No. 119/2010 Coll. ENVI-PAK market share is around 50 per cent.

The authorized organization ENVI-PAK helps obliged industry to meet duties in a convenient, transparent and efficient manner. Moreover, ENVI-PAK offers a broad range of additional practical services: electronic reporting, E-newsletters, monitoring of legislative amendments and Client advocacy, waste management audits conducted directly at the Client’s company, free-of-charge professional seminars and training, professional and legal consulting.

The quality of internal processes at ENVI-PAK has been certified by the integrated management quality system under the ISO 9001:2008 Standard (Quality Management System), ISO 14001:2004 Standard (Environmental Management System) and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 (Information Security Management System).

ENVI-PAK was honoured by award the Golden magnifier for efficiently maintained certified management system in the areas of quality management , environment and information security maintainedby  ASTRAIA Certification, Ltd. The green award Via Bona Slovakia 2010 as a sign of public recognition was given to ENVI-PAK by Pontis Foundation for  environmental project aimed at direct financial and managerial support regarding separate waste collection in Slovak municipalities.10 years of ENVI-PAK, a.s.

Special activities

ENVI-PAK prepares professional conference for municipalities every year. Focus themes are current questions about household waste collection and sorting and new waste legislation with emphasis on packaging.

ENVI-PAK prepares education activities of various target groups: obliged industry, representatives of municipalities, public – specially targeted for children and students. ENVI-PAK organizes educational activities during culture festivals, summer camps, road shows.

ENVI-PAK has managed the waste separation of plastic, metal and paper, biological waste during the biggest summer music festival (named Bažant Pohoda) in Slovakia for 7 years. Branded containers, posters in the stands, leaflets and a lot of interactive programmes “How to separate waste” – everything is very visible for  30,000 of visitors.

ENVI-PAK visits and educates children from foster homes, schools, colleges, festival visitors and people shopping in malls. Cooperates with NGO´s (Živica, Daphné, Young scientists of Slovakia, Better Earth for people with mental disability)

ENVI-PAK is a socially responsible organization. Every year it participates in the program called 'Our City' that supports public and not for profit community sector. 'Our City' is an annual volunteer event, which gathers together volunteers from various businesses and public to provide social beneficial activities. ENVI-PAK closely cooperates with government departments for environment, with the different Regions, Local authorities and also media.

Facebook is good way to communicate with youth.


ENVI-PAK, a. s.

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Tel.: +421 2 333 227 10
Fax: +421 2 335 200 10

Web: www.envipak.sk