The Estonian Recovery Organization (ERO) came into force on July, 2004. ERO is a non-profit organization and does not share profit among its owners. All profit is reinvested to the collection and recovery for decreasing total costs.

ERO's mission is to help packaging operators to fulfill Packaging Act economically reasonable, socially acceptable and environmentally effective way.

ERO's aim is to transfer packaging operator's obligation to organization. ERO represents the interests of its members/clients in cooperation with public institutions.

The scope of responsibility is to collect and recover its clients' packaging waste and to guarantee reporting for Packaging Register. ERO is not responsible for packaging circling in the deposit system.


ETO structure

The highest decision making body is General Meeting which nominates board for 2 years. Board is responsible for fulfilment of ERO's targets. The Board consists of 6 members. To achieve its goals, board has formed office and hired Managing Director. Managing Director runs ERO with 6 employees.

ERO is a collaborative industry body through which businesses work together to achieve the recovery and recycling of packaging waste. Membership is open to all types of obligated companies including manufacturers, converters, packer/fillers, sellers and also all sectors of industry. It aims to take the pressure away from businesses that would find it difficult and time consuming to comply with any legislation on an individual basis.



Communication activities


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