FTI (Förpacknings- och Tidningsinsamlingen) is a company in the recycling industry that is responsible for ensuring that packaging and newspapers in Sweden are collected and recycled.
We are responsible for the 5 800 recycling stations around the country where people can leave their used packaging and newspapers. The collection system is financed inter alia by packaging fees paid by the producers that import, fill, package and sell the products.

Packing fees for packing of paper, plastic and metal are administered by FTI. Operations are conducted without profit and no economic dividends to the owners may be allowed under the company's charter.

Our business is based on government regulations on producer responsibility for packaging and newspapers. The producer responsibility is a standard that has been created to develop an environmentally sustainable society for the future.

The visionary scenario is a circuit adapted society where most of what is currently regarded as waste will be useful as some kind of new resource. The principal method adopted by Parliament in 1993 for this work is to put environmental responsibility on the producer of a product. Producers shall be obliged to take care of the packaging even after the consumer end use.

Owners of FTI are the five materials companies Plastkretsen, MetallKretsen, Returkartong, Svensk GlasÅtervinning and Pressretur. There is also Svensk GlasÅtervinning with an agreed collaboration. The FTI's and materials companies' boards include representatives from the packaging and newspaper industry, commerce and trade associations.

Our head-office is in Stockholm, but some of our staff is also located in other parts of Sweden.

“Purchasing this ‘collection system service’ from us is simply a matter of companies complying with their statutory producer responsibility – to provide their own clients with a national collection system for packaging.”  says Anette Löhnn, head of marketing at FTI.

FTI is a commercial service function whith the aim that affiliated companies will be able to more easily benefit from the goodwill generated by helping to finance a collection system that is highly appreciated by their clients. FTI is seen by the public at large as being supported by a considerable portion of the Swedish business community.

We always work for the best interests of companies with producer responsibility.


Five material waste management companies organise collection and recycling/recovery of waste packaging. Collection is carried out under contract with privat and municipal organisations and companies, that compete for acquiring the right to collect. Recycling is carried out by contracted recycling units or by selling collected materials on the market.

All five companies own FTI (Förpacknings- och Tidningsinsamlingen AB), which collects packaging fees for three of the owners.

FTI does not handle deposit schemes for reuse and recycling of beverage packaging. Those are handled by the company Returpack.


Förpacknings- och Tidningsinsamlingen (FTI)

Box 17033, S-104 62 Stockholm Sweden
(visiting address: Magnus Ladulåsgatan 63A, Stockholm)

Tel.: (+46) 8 566 144 00 Fax: (+46) 8 566 144 44

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