Green Dot Norway


Grønt Punkt Norge AS ("Green Dot Norway plc") is a privately owned non-profit company responsible for financing the recovery and recycling of used packaging on behalf of the industrial sector.


These five material companies own Green Dot Norway, which is a non-profit company. Green Dot Norway collects license fees on behalf of all the five companies, and in addition Green Dot Norway runs the recovery schemes for plastic packaging, beverage cartons and cardboard.

Parallel with Green Dot system there are two a non-mandatory deposit systems for PET-bottles. One is owned by breweries and handles reuse beverage containers, mainly PET, but also some glass. The other deposit scheme handles recyclable PET, PE and aluminium cans and is owned by breweries and grocery chains.

It is not mandatory to be a member of Green Dot Norway, but all companies that use produce or use packaging has a responsibility to ensure the packaging is being handled in a proper way. Except for beverage containers there are no other alternatives than Green Dot Norway.

Communication Activities

  • Green Dot Norway is focusing on three main target groups: Households including schools, trade and industry as waste owners and trade and industry as members/potential members for the company’s communication activities. Green Dot Norway uses a wide range of communication tools to reach all audiences.
  • To reach households to motivate them to sort packaging Green Dot Norway use TV commercials, web-campaigns, social media, print, boards etc.  Green Dot Norway is also working close with municipalities which are the “first line” communicators towards the citizens contributing to local activities that complement the national activities Green Dot Norway is doing separately. Visit to see some of the activities aimed at consumers from Green Dot Norway.  To see what we are doing towards schools and pupils, visit
  • Green Dot Norway is also responsible for collection and recycling plastic packaging from trade and industry. Activities are mainly web-based, or print such as ads and brochures. Example of brochure for rigid plastics here:
  • Members and potential members are of course very important to Green Dot Norway. Over the last years we have been focusing on using the web for as many tasks as possible. We also do profile work through ads, and some more recruit oriented activities to ensure all companies that should pay license fee is a member of Green Dot Norway. To reach out t this audience we also use educational films, brochures designated web member pages etc. To learn more about this visit: .


Grønt Punkt Norge

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