GreenPak, first established in 2004, operates a compliance scheme to recover packaging waste in Malta and Gozo, on behalf of importers/producers. Its main aim is to tackle the steadily increasing waste problem across Europe, and to provide Maltese organisations with the facility to conform to their packaging recovery obligations with minimal effort and at the least possible cost.


As the pioneer in its field the GreenPak Compliance Scheme is the longest running registered compliance scheme in Malta fully authorised by the environment regulator, the Malta Environment and Planning Authority. From its humble beginnings in 2004 with 100 members, GreenPak now has a membership base of over 1300 members. During 2010 GreenPak invited its members to actively take part in the scheme and evolved from a private limited company to a Cooperative run by a Board consisting of its own members. The members of the Board represent all the sections of the Scheme’s membership base i.e. from the largest organization to the smallest. During 2011 GreenPak was awarded the “Management Award for Sustainable Development” by the Cleaner Technology Centre.

Communication Activities

GreenPak carries out numerous educational initiatives with the general public such as, amongst others

GreenPak encourages public participation door to door: 

Over four million green recycling bags have been given away by GreenPak to consumers. GreenPak has striven to encourage and facilitate the public’s participation in recycling practices, distributing free green recycling bags to households whose Local Council forms part of the GreenPak recycling scheme.

GreenPak's aim is to further promote “Recycling on Tuesdays”.

In addition to distributing door-to-door recycling bags, GreenPak disseminated educational guidance and leaflets to residents by its appointed recycling advisors. Residents learnt about the direct environmental and economical benefits derived from recycling, as well as what can be recycled in respect to door-to-door collections, and bring-in sites. Furthermore, residents were advised about the civic amenity site options, such as the used battery drop points and the bulky collection services organised by the local councils.

Clean up the Seabed:

Over 350 volunteers and 42 organizations helped in the task of simultaneously cleaning eight locations around Malta and Gozo on the same day! A record number of over 350 volunteers and 42 organisations teamed up with GreenPak to make the 4th Annual Seabed Clean Up Malta's largest clean up drive on record, extending its annual Clean up event to cover not one, but eight different locations around Malta and Gozo

By coordinating a Clean up of such magnitude, GreenPak highlighted the important message that through the public utilisation of recycling facilities, the majority of plastics, paper and glass can be prevented from entering our seas and thusly avoid adding to the marine dumping ground. As a result of the Clean Up, tons of material were removed from the sea and beaches.

3R Bag (Reward, Reuse, Recycle):

Members of the public who recycled were rewarded with a bag full of products sponsored by GreenPak members. With most localities registering an increase in recycling participation, GreenPak launched the Reward-Reuse-Recycle campaign in appreciation of the public's commitment towards recycling more.

Representatives from GreenPak gave out free gifts to unsuspecting residents who have either through the use of the Recycling Bag door-to-door collections or by disposing their separated waste in GreenPak's Recycling Banks have helped make a difference.

A green-cloth bag, adeptly named the 3R Bag, doubles up as a carrier bag and is being given away full of a wide selection of consumer products ranging from biscuits, toiletries, dairy products and various other groceries.

GreenPak Lottery ‘You win..The environment wins':

The general public was asked to write their mobile number on the packaging disposed of in GreenPak’s recycling bags and Recycling Banks and a weekly lottery was held. A weekly prize of €200 was awarded to the lucky winner. GreenPak’s campaign lottery “You win…The environment wins” has registered an increase of 3% in residents participating in waste recycling practices.

The weekly environmental lottery presented cash prizes to residents for properly disposing their packaging waste in GreenPak Recycling Banks or through door-to-door collections.

Recycling competitions in schools:

Almost 3,000kg of recyclable waste made up of plastic and paper was collected from primary schools in a collective effort to recycle more and create awareness about the importance of waste separation.

Organised by GreenPak Coop Society, the schools campaign ‘Nirriciklaw l-iskart’ ran for six weeks between April and May 2012.

In all 2,070 pupils participated from nine primary schools. The Eco-Skola committee at each school assisted GreenPak’s initiative and encouraged their pupils to take recyclable waste to school.

Students were provided with GreenPak’s  recycling bags to deposit the recyclable material, such as plastic and paper, which they brought with them from home. They also had the opportunity to observe the complete recycling process at the recycling facility.

During the collection phase from each school, Green Gary entertained the pupils. All participating students were presented with stationary made from recycled material, while a certificate with the weight measured was presented to the head of each school.

Charity National Event ‘L-Istrina’:

A staggering 2.7 million plastic caps amounting to 8.4 tonnes of recyclable plastic was gathered in less than two months by hundreds of school children.

Their  enthusiasm remains unabated to help the less fortunate as once again they eagerly participated in this year’s edition of ‘Irriċkla għall-Istrina’  orgnaised by GreenPak. This effort led to the donation of a €7,000 cheque that was presented by members of the GreenPak Coop Society to the President of Malta, Dr. George Abela, during l-Istrina 2012.

Launched by GreenPak last November, the campaign saw the participation of 56 primary schools across Malta and Gozo. GreenPak’s educators, along with GreenPak’s mascot, Green Gary, visited schools to supply recycling bags and explain the benefits of Irriċkla għall-Istrina initiative. Collectively, the students managed to deposit over 2.7 million plastic caps that were collected and recycled by GreenPak.

Local Council Awards 2013:

The GreenPak Awards for Local Councils, instituted by GreenPak Cooperative Society and held for the first time in 2013, recognise the local councils that have striven most to improve their green credentials.

The awards were divided into five categories with three local councils nominated in each category as finalists. Awarded prizes under five environmental categories ranged from “Most Committed to Recycling” to “Best Improvement in Recycling”

Besides the trophies and certification, GreenPak gave out a prize of €1,000 to each Local Council winning one of the five awards. These funds will be used to support an environmental project through which the locality and its residents will directly benefit.


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