The Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation (HERRCO S.A.) was founded in December 2001 by industrial and commercial enterprises which, either supply packaged products to the Greek market, or manufacture different packaging items. In addition, the Central Union of Municipalities in Greece (KEDE) has a shareholding of 35% in the System’s capital. In compliance with the provisions of Law 2939/01 and in seeking to fulfill the obligations of packaging operators in an effective and cost-efficient way, HERRCO has developed and implemented the Collective Alternative Management System – “RECYCLING” (C.A.M.S. – RECYCLING) contributing significantly to the achievement of the national objectives. HERRCO’s recycling system collects packaging waste from paper, plastic, glass, aluminium and tinplate. The collected stream is then transported to the Sorting Centers, where the recyclable materials are separated and forwarded for recycling.

Operational Principles

HERRCO’s operation is based on a set of fundamental principles ensuring the attainment of its goals and based on European practices. They are summarized in the following points:

  • The contractual participation of packers and fillers is carried out subject to the same terms, regardless of whether they are shareholders or not. 
  • The possibility of acquiring a shareholding in the share capital is open to all operators, subject to the same terms with existing shareholders. 
  •  The objective of HERRCO is not to achieve a positive financial outcome (not –for-profit company), but rather to utilize the financial resources allocated for the optimal recovery of packaging waste. It is for this reason that there is no provision for a dividend distribution to HERRCO’s shareholders.
  • The activities of the System which aim at the recovery of packaging waste from municipal waste are developed in close partnership with Local Authorities, as set out in the legal framework. 

All packaging materials used by participating companies are treated in an equitable manner.

Communication activities

HERRCO develops and implements specialized communication programs aiming to create awareness and motivate citizens in order to participate in Packaging Recycling by applying appropriate procedures:

  • Distribution of information package to all households in the areas where the recycling project is being developed, including: the standard recycling bag, a special leaflet with useful information regarding Packaging Recycling and a letter from each Mayor to the residents of his or her Municipality.
  • Distribution of info-material to the personnel of the Companies affiliated with HERRCO. In some of them special events and seminars about recycling are organized as well
  • Promotional Activities in supermarkets, cosmetic stores, toy stores, department stores, commercial stores, restaurants, cafes, bars, beaches
  • Outdoor advertising campaigns
  • Moving Media Campaigns through the branding of the back-end of buses
  • Advertisements and other Informative publications in newspapers and magazines based in Athens and throughout Greece as well as in the local Press and in municipal journals.
  • Placement of advertising messages in the  interior of the METRO coaches
  • Broadcasting of messages through the radio
  • TV commercials with social messages
  • Informational and promotional activities in cooperation with the participating Municipalities
  • Recreational and Educational events (e.g. the Luna Park of Recycling)
  • Placement of information material in municipal branches, Citizen Service Centers, companies, cinemas and other areas visited by large numbers of people.
  • Use of internet tools (direct mail, internet banners, text links etc.).
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Participation in social and cultural events by organizing the collection and recovery of recyclable materials and by implementing special informational activities.
  • Development and implementation of the action "Recycling at School – Changing Attitudes" within the school units of the cooperating Municipalities in conjunction with the Ministry of Education.
  • School visits at RSCs and presentations of the recycling process to students.
  • Publication of Recycling programs and actions through Press Releases

Issuing an electronic newsletter setting out the recent actions of HERRCO so that the Mass Media and the partners of HERRCO from the fields of Local Authorities, the State and the packaging operators can be informed on a regular basis.


HERRCO (Hellenic Recovery & Recycling Corporation)

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Fax : 00 30 210 8012272

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