Öko Pannon


From 2003 till 2011 ÖKO-Pannon was operated to help its partners fulfil their obligations stipulated by national law and to support sustainable development. Within its core activities, ÖKO-Pannon co-ordinated the waste management circle from the output of packers and fillers, through the collection and recycling activities. In a close co-operation with municipalities, ÖKO-Pannon was contracted to all parties in the waste management circle.


The Company was founded at the end of 1996 the decisive companies of the environmental committee of CSAOSZ (Hungarian Association of Packaging and Material Handling), in order to realize the organized collection and recovery of packaging waste in Hungary, in compliance with the practices of the EU member countries.

Currently, 32 large, significant packaging, filling, packaged good importer and packaging manufacturer companies belong to the founders of ÖKO-Pannon.

Communication Activities

Within its regional activities, ÖKO-Pannon set standard contracts with municipalities and municipal waste collection companies, helping cities and regions to operate their selective collection system. As part of its regional programs, ÖKO-Pannon provided communication and education support to municipalities to help them run their system effectively. The main objective of these programs was to inform people and draw their attention to the effectiveness of selective waste collection and its environmental concerns. ÖKO-Pannon developed an education program with tailor-made materials to different age groups, from nurseries to primary and secondary schools.

From 2012 ÖKO-Pannon has been operating only the most important parts of its communications program and provide education services for payment.


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