Pakomak is a nonprofit company, founded on 3/12/2010, whose main activity is management of packaging waste. According to the Law on Packaging and Packaging Waste, since January 10, 2011 Pakomak is the first company in Macedonia, licensed by the Ministry of environment for selection and processing of packaging waste.

Eleven leading manufacturing companies in Macedonia are founders of the company: Pivara Skopje AD Skopje (Coca-Cola & Heineken), Prilepska Pivarnica AD Prilep (Pepsi) ; Vitaminka AD Prilep; Pelisterka DOO Skopje; Magroni DOO (Ladna, Dobra Voda); Koding Dooel Kavadarci (Gorska Voda) Kozhufchanka DOO Kavadarci (Sinalco) ; Vivaks Dooel Skopje; Blagoj Gjorev AD Veles; Vinery Tikvesh AD.; Vinery Stobi AD.

Company’s goal is to build long-lasting and solid cooperation with its customers and the Government and in accordance with European regulations - to minimize the negative impact of packaging waste on the environment, to promote a responsible attitude towards the companies packaging waste, thus allowing better quality of life to all.


Pakomak provides collection and recovery of packaging waste through municipal schemes of separate collection, but also through private waste management companies. This solution is based on legal framework given by the Macedonian packaging and waste law.

It obliges producers, importers, fillers, and distributors of packaging and packaged products to provide collection and recovery of packaging waste. They co-finance costs of municipal separate collection of waste through the Pakomak system and network of partners. Based on the same Law, the municipalities are obliged to separate and recover waste. Part of sorted components of municipal waste is also consumer packaging, which should be recovered.

Pakomak is obliged to offer the same terms of service to any client-company and waste operator interested to participate in compliance scheme and same time to offer the same terms of support to any municipality interested to participate in packaging collection and recovery system.

Pakomak network and system cooperates with 15 municipalities and their communal waste companies, but also cooperate with more than 10 private waste management companies.

Communication Activities

Pakomak uses a wide range of communication activities towards clients, municipalities and public.  Communication takes place through the national and regional media, advertising, online, local and regional information and school program.

On national level for communication with consumers, Pakomak use radio spots, newspapers and magazines and online space like FB and web portals. Our facebook page has over 22,000 fans.

Pakomak educates children from 10-14 years through the school classes performed together with the NGO. Since 2011, the program undergone almost 5.000 children. Pakomak also educates the municipalities representatives, teachers and has seminars for its clients.

Pakomak has organized annually “Trash-for-Art” contest on nationa l level every November, a s well “Sound of Green” concert in June, when in order to get ticket potential visitors have to bring 3 PET bottles.

Pakomak is present with activities in all bigger supermarket chains, festivals and mass evenets when lot of packaging waste is generated.


Pakomak - Asset packaging and packaging waste

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