TAMIR., a not-for-profit organization, was established in 2011 by the major Israeli manufacturers and importers   for the purpose of  becoming a Recognized Packaging Recovery Organization under the Israeli Packaging Law, enabling manufacturers and importers of pre-packed products and service packages to fulfill their legal obligations under the Packaging Law.

TAMIR was granted with the authorization to operate as a Packaging Recovery Organization, on December 1, 2011, and started its operation  on January 1, 2012.

Currently TAMIR is the only Packaging Recovery Organization operates in Israel.


In order to fulfill its obligations, which include funding the separation and collection of packaging waste, as well as compliance with recycling targets set forth by the Packaging Law, the manufacturers and importers are required to contract with TAMIR pay handling fees determined by the weight ' the material and the type of packages (Household or Industrial) they place in the market.

TAMIR in a process to sign various agreements with the entire Israeli local authorities in order to fund all its activities related to separation, collection and removal of packaging waste.

The arrangements for separation and collection of packaging waste, as implemented by the local authorities and financed by TAMIR, provide a solution to packaging waste formed in private homes by the consumers and enable the establishment of a broader infrastructure for the collection of household packaging waste on a national level.

Communication activities

As being a very "young" organization TAMIR is investing in communicating the obligations set forth in the law towards manufacturers and importers of packaged products in order to increase the number of obliged companies participating in the implementation of the articles stipulated in the law.

In addition, TAMIR is cooperating with local authorities in communicating the different selective collection systems to the consumers, mainly, the correct disposal of waste to the orange bins and to the new glass bins, encouraging them to separate packaging from waste and to use the correct system.


TAMIR – Packaging Recovery Organization of  Israel Ltd (cc).

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