Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd


The Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd. is a non-profit firm, operating in conjunction with producer organisations in the packaging sector. It helps firms registered with RINKI and the authorities to fulfil packaging recovery obligations economically and easily.


The Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd operates in conjunction with the producer organisations for the packaging sector. It assists firms registered with the company and the authorities to fulfil the obligations pursuant to the EU packaging directive and corresponding Finnish legislation economically and easily.

By making a contract with RINKI a firm transfers the recovery obligations for the packaging it has placed on the market to the producer organisations. The firm does not then have to take care of packaging recovery at its own costs or to report to the authorities on how it has arranged recovery. The producer organisations are responsible for the attainment of recovery targets.

Recovery is funded through recovery fees invoiced by RINKI and deposited without deductions into the accounts of the producer organisations. RINKI’s operations are funded through registration and annual fees paid by the registered firms. Both RINI and the producer organisations are non-profit organisations.


  • registers firms that have placed packaging on the market in Finland together with their products and have made a contract with PYR
  • compiles statistics on the packaging materials and quantities annually reported by registered firms
  • invoices the packaging material-specific recovery fees as authorised by the producer organisations
  • reports to the authorities on the packaging statistics compiled by the company and on registered firms. The statistics are only shown in total quantities. The Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd does not forward any data on individual firms.
  • offers advice on matters pertaining to recovery
  • provides information
  • protects the interests of packers

Financing of the scheme

The statutory recovery obligations for packaging apply to packers and importers of packed products with a turnover of EUR 1m or over.

Recovery activities are financed through recovery fees, which RINKI invoices and deposits in the producer organisation’s accounts without reductions. RINKI’s operations, on the other hand, are financed through registration and annual fees paid by registered firms. Both RINKI Ltd and the producer organisations are non-profit organisations.

RINKI Ltd’s registration and annual fees are based on the firm’s turnover. Firms that have combined several locations in one contract receive a discount on their registration and annual fees.

Recovery fees are set by the producer organisations. The invoices sent to firms are based on the packaging quantities declared to RINKI by packers and importers for the previous year.

Communications and marketing

RINKI trademark and certificate

A firm with its name entered on the list of firms registered with RINKI on the RINKI website is entitled to use the RINKI trademark and RINKI’s annually issued certificate of membership.

By using the RINKI trademark and certificate a firm can easily convey a message to its customers and proof to stakeholders that it is meeting its responsibility to the environment in relation to the recovery of packaging, which is a means to improving its image. A firm may use the RINKI trademark, for instance, on its packaging, on its website, in advertising and its printed matter.


RINKI’s websites are a useful source of information. RINKI’s website at contains, for example, instructions on how to fill in the packaging data declaration form, the latest recovery statistics, prices and information about relevant legislation. A website is being developed specifically for consumers. A key message on the new website for consumers will be “sort correctly – take back packaging for recycling”. 

RINKI Info magazine

The RINKI Info magazine for stakeholders appears four times a year with a circulation of 9,000 copies in print and on the net in electronic format.  English summary:

The communication strategy for the take-back of consumer packaging

Communication tools in conformance with the strategy for the take-back of consumer packaging are currently under development. Similarly, customer service is also being developed at present.

Effective cooperation with local waste management companies lies at the core of communications plans. The aim is that each Finnish home is informed where the nearest take-back site for packaging waste is located. By means of communications we wish to motivate people to deliver properly sorted packaging waste to take-back sites.


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