Valorlux is a voluntary initiative of the private sector, a non-profit association, founded on October 2, 1995 by 24 associated members and by 6 supporting members.

The associated members represent the producers and importers of packaged goods, retailers, producers of packaging materials and professional associations.

VALORLUX provides an overall sustainable and cost-effective solution to the management of household packaging waste flows with a view to providing for a better environment.

The collection of Plastic bottles and containers, Metal packaging and Beverage Cartons by means of the blue bag is entirely organized and taken in charge by VALORLUX. The bags are collected from door to door every two weeks in municipalities linked to VALORLUX by contract. Packages are then passed on to the sorting plant where they are sorted by material and forwarded towards different recycling plants.

Each citizen, organization or company can participate to the collection of PMC through the blue bag on condition that they reside in a municipality that takes part in the collection system.

VALORLUX gets its income from the Green Dot contributions paid by all participating members depending on the volume, weight and composition of the packaging they place on the market and on the complexity of the recycling process related to the packaging in question. The sale of collected materials represents another source of income, but nevertheless remains marginal.

Communication activities

VALORLUX’s main communication objective is the education and motivation in the correct sorting of packaging waste. VALORLUX main message is that sorting and recycling of packaging are eco-responsible actions.

Encourage correct sorting

The Guide du tri and Journal du tri are VALORLUX’s main communication tools listing all the instructions to sort right and minimize sorting residue. Children and teenagers also have their brochure Valorkid and the magazine Cyclus Mag.


Since 2011 VALORLUX has been reaching out to the consumer with its mobile information stand VALORLUX on Tour. In 2012, the number of animations has more than doubled compared to 2011 reaching more than 9,400 visitors. Valorlux on tour

Furthermore, children were able to learn and have fun by throwing the right packaging in the right bin. But they also discovered how sorted packaging waste from the blue bag is recycled. In supermarkets clients who did their shopping with a reusable bag, were rewarded with a gift and encouraged to continue to use reusable bags.

TV Spot: wanting to do something is good, doing it right is even better.

Consumers in Luxembourg are diligent sorters. However, some sorting errors remain. More the sorting quality is good, the easier the recycling is. To remind the importance of a correct sorting VALORLUX produced a TV spot.

To watch the spot :


Communication toward members

Twice a year VALORLUX sends to its members the newsletter What’s New. In addition to administrative information, the main themes are VALORLUX activities and developments in the legal area of the sector. Several brochures to facilitate administrative procedures for members are available including a notebook with a memory aid.

CO2 equivalent reduction calculatorCO2 certificate

Since 2012, VALORLUX members can access a tool on our website to calculate the reduction in CO2 equivalent emissions which they contributed to by recycling their packaging waste in the VALORLUX system. Based on the amount of packaging declared by VALORLUX members, the calculator estimates the overall CO2e reduction by material for a given year. At the end of the simulation, it is also possible to request a free personalized certificate. Accordingly, VALORLUX values the commitment of its members. Thanks to them, 39,118 tons of CO2e were economized in 2012.

The Eco-bag action

The “Eco-bag” project was started in 2004 by a public-private partnership between the Environmental Agency Luxembourg (Ministry of Sustainability and Infrastructures), clc (Luxembourg Confederation of Commerce) and Valorlux a.s.b.l. as a national packaging waste prevention plan. The “Eco-bag” main objective is to reduce the use of one way shopping bags.

In collaboration with 85 retailers, including five major supermarkets, the “Eco-Bag” initiative has been a resounding success.



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